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Catellani Tecno Forniture Elettriche s.r.l. company is a leadership in the field of industrial automation and wired cables distribution especially in Emilia Romagna.

Founded in 1933 in Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna), it boasts over 76 years of presence on the market, meaning stability, quality and seriousness of its workers.

Its goal has always been to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, both supplying the best products available on the market at competitive prices, and guaranteeing an excellent technical competence of its agents.
Products such as: Wired Cables, Connectors for Wired Cables, Encoder Resolver Cables, Brushless Cables, Electrical Devices and Electromechanical, PLC Siemens Cables, Special Schemes Switches.
In addition, it is an authorized dealer of Molex, Helukabel, Delta, Phoenix Contact.
Since the company's foundation, its workers team has been constantly evolving following and anticipating the market's request in the field of industrial automation in Emilia Romagna and in all italy.

Our strenghts:

  • Competence, velocity and cordiality of our technical engineers, whose technical base and constant updating, result being great interlocutors (partners), always able to offer the best products for your business.
  • We are also an agile and versatile company, able to supply wired cables, special cables, supplies for electromechanical industrial automation and all the rest very quickly and at very competitive prices.
  • Also thanks to a concrete collaboration with the sister company Catellani s.r.l. (, we are able to offer a hardware and software planning service, able to meet all your requirements and to give solutions to all those problems which seem impossible to solve.